Rooted in our Pentecostal beliefs,  each ministry at MFP. CHURCH is dedicated to transforming lives, spreading love, and making a positive difference in the world.

Find Your Purpose:  Whether you're passionate about worship, outreach, education, or compassionate service, there's a ministry where your talents and heart can shine brightly.

Worship Ministries: Experience the powerful presence of God through our dynamic worship services. Join the worship team, to contribute your musical gifts, uplifting hearts and inspiring others to draw closer to God through worship.

Kids and Youth: Our kids and youth ministries provide a safe and welcoming space for the next generation to grow in faith, build lasting friendships, and engage in meaningful discussions about life and spirituality. Join us as we empower young minds and hearts to be lights in the world.

Prayer and Healing: Experience the transformative power of prayer through our dedicated prayer ministries. Whether you're seeking personal healing, interceding for others, or cultivating a deeper prayer life, these ministries provide a nurturing environment for spiritual connection.

Connect Groups: We believe that life-changing connections happen in smaller, more intimate settings. Our Connect Groups provide a space where you can forge deeper relationships, share life's joys and challenges, and grow together in faith. These groups cater to various interests and demographics, ensuring that everyone can find a welcoming community. Whether you're a young adult, a parent, or a seeker, our Connect Groups offer a supportive environment to discuss spirituality, share experiences, and pray for one another. Join a Connect Group today and experience the richness of authentic relationships that uplift and inspire on your journey of faith.