Welcome to MFP. Church! We're thrilled to walk alongside you on your faith journey, helping you take the next steps in deepening your relationship with God and connecting with our vibrant church community. Whether you're a newcomer or have been part of our family for a while, this page is designed to guide you toward growth, service, and meaningful connections.

Discover Your Path: Whether you're curious about Christianity, new to our church, or seeking a fresh start in your faith, we are here to journey alongside you. Visit HERE for resources that will help you understand the core beliefs of our Pentecostal faith and empower you to make informed decisions about your spiritual journey.

Connect and Belong: Building strong connections within the church community is essential for your growth and support. Learn more about our upcoming CONNECT GROUPS! Experience the joy of fellowship and the strength of shared beliefs as you navigate life's challenges together.

Serve with Purpose: We believe that serving others is a fundamental aspect of living out our faith. Through serving in various ministries and outreach programs, you can make a positive impact on our church, local community, and beyond.

Baptism and Membership: If you're considering baptism or becoming an official member of our church family,  our leadership will guide you through this important decision-making process. We'll provide the necessary information and support to help you take these significant steps in your faith journey.

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At MFP. Church we're excited to walk beside you as you take your next steps in faith. Let's embark on this journey together, growing in our relationship with God and each other. Join us in discovering the abundant life that awaits as we follow the path set before us.